Day 2 With Curvalicious Fitness

Day 2 with Curvalicious Fitness

Well yesterday I followed the workout for day 1 which was legs. It ended up being a great workout, even though it involved a few conspicuous looking exercises that I hate doing in public gyms, but I sucked it up and did it anyway. And I’m glad I did, too, because you never want to hinder your own workout just because you feel weird doing one of the exercises. I ended up doing one of the two circuits she suggested and adding in 4 extra plyo exercises to compensate. Reason being, the gym was crowded and I couldn’t use all the equipment I wanted.

The best thing about Curvalicious has to be the ab warmup at the beginning of the workout! I woke up this morning, my abs were sore in all kinds of places that I never get sore in.

I gotta say, so far so good with this program! Today I do more abs and I’ll probably throw in some cardio if she doesn’t already have something for us.

New Program Curvalicious Fitness — Does It Work?

Today I purchased Flavia Del Monte’s program “Curvalicious Fitness” in hopes of losing the last bit of fat I have, to thin down my thighs, and to make my abs pop. We’ll see how it works! I’m really excited for it, but I always feel like when someone else tells me to do a workout, it’ll be too easy or won’t work for me as well as I had hoped. So I’m going to post my before picture later on today and let you know how workout #1 is! Leg day, my favorite!

Flavia Del Monte is someone I have been following on YouTube, whom I heard of through her husband Vince Del Monte. They are the ultimate fit couple that my boyfriend and I can really relate to. Vince used to be super skinny and so did my boyfriend, and Flavia’s “before story” is practically identical to mine haha! Vince has a program called Live Large TV that my boyfriend purchased and he is an expert on everything from nutrition to how to execute an exercise correctly to self-development. His program was awesome, but I feel like women have different nutrition guidelines and workouts, so that’s why I’m investing in this. It wasn’t too expensive, and there are all these bonuses Flavia threw in, like fat stripping diets, and her lifestyle diet (which is definitely something I wanted!).

I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress, post some pictures, and share some of the information that I thought was really helpful!

You can find Flavia’s blog that I purchased it through here

Wish me luck!