How To Reach Fitness Goals


I know from experience it’s really easy to make goals and then hope they somehow happen without having to change your behavior. Change is uncomfortable, and it’s not easy. Change requires a lot of dedication and willpower. But change also gets you results. Once you start seeing results, I can tell you it becomes addictive. It’s easier to stick to your diet and workout plan if you can actually see it working.

If you haven’t seen any change yet, remember if you want something you’ve never had, you’ve gotta do something you’ve never done.

What areas of your diet or workout have you been neglecting or slacking on? How can you take that next step that will put you closer to your goal? Take the time to examine what changes you can make in your daily ritual, and plan a way to make them happen. When you see your results, you will see how every sacrifice is 100% worth it!


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Stop Wishing Start Doing

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I used to catch myself spending my day looking through Pinterest and other websites, wishing I had the body of those girls, or went on the exciting, adventurous travels they posted, or was as athletically talented as they were. Eventually I came to realize that doing that is like eating junk food. It feels good at first, but afterwards you feel like crap.

So I decided to set some goals.

Some serious, concrete, all-or-nothing goals to become the person I actually wanted to be.

In the past I had superficially fulfilled some desires for a change by going out and partying a lot. While that was fun, it was a short-lived high that quickly left me unsatisfied. I realized that successful, respected people don’t spend every weekend getting drunk, no matter how old or young they are.

The celebrities are great examples of this. Think about how people view Miley Cyrus. After her horrifying VMA’s performance,miley cyrus her unnecessarily nude music video, and smoking weed onstage, it’s safe to say that the drugs and party lifestyle does not get you anywhere positive. Yeah, she was named Artist of the Year, but is she actually happy? Her whole new album and lifestyle says no.

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Miranda Kerr, on the other hand, is the epitomy of grace and beauty, in my book. It would be really easy for a lingerie model to appear slutty or too sultry, but she holds the Victoria’s Secret standard up with an elegant and attractive poise. If you research her at all, you’ll find that she has a very positive mental attitude, and takes action to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Even though she and her husband, Orlando Bloom, separated, they’re still all smiles when they appear in public as a family. There’s no way to fake a positive and caring attitude. Miranda definitely arrived at her success in life using that attitude the whole way.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time wishing you were like someone else, take action! Write down what qualities about that person you like and set some goals for yourself. You want a better body? Schedule your days at the gym. Follow a workout program. Want to have a more active lifestyle? Plan to go on a hike with a friend. Go snowboarding with your family.

You have control over everything in your life. You just have to recognize that, and everything will change.

Good luck!

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If you’re not content staying where you are for the rest of your life, the only way to make any changes is to take that risk to try something new. Even if you’re not good at it right away, or if you think you will fail, you gotta do it. This includes the gym in particular. I used to never use the regular squat rack since I was used to the Smith machine, and was afraid that I would mess up somehow, or get stuck in a squat with barbell on top of me, unable to move. When I finally made myself conquer that fear and try the barbell for the first time, nothing went wrong at all! It was great. I quickly adapted to the different machinery, soon saw progress I was not seeing from the Smith machine. Best of all, I had removed an obstacle in the path to my goal.

When you’re faced with a choice of something inside your comfort zone, and something outside of your comfort zone, remember a specific time in the past when you did something that you were intimidated by, and how everything turned out fine. Visualize how this time will be the same, positive outcome, and don’t even consider “what ifs.” What you think is what you attract, so attract success and courage.

Then do it.