Arms and Chest Circuit

toned arms and chest

Circuit 1 – Abs Warmup: (Repeat circuit 3x total)

  1. V-up with toe touch (add dumbbells when ready) (15)


2. Stability ball plank (hold for 30 seconds to a minute)


3.  Russian twists (30 total)


Rest 45 seconds.

Circuit 2 – Chest: (Repeat circuit 3x total, without pausing between each exercise)

  1. Dumbbell pec fly on incline bench (15)

pec fly

2.   Dumbbell chest press on incline bench (15)

chest press

3.   Pushups (to failure)

Rest 45 seconds.

Circuit 3 – Arms: (Repeat circuit 3x total, without pausing between each exercise)

  1. Walking lunges with dumbbell bicep curls (30 total)

walking lunges

2.    Reverse lunge with hammer curl (30 total)

reverse lunge (Be sure to step backwards, instead of forwards like you did in the previous exercise, and, unlike the picture, keep palms facing each other when you curl up.)

3.     Tricep pulldown (20)

tricep pulldown

4.    Tricep dip (using assisted dip/pullup machine, or from a bench) (20)

tricep dip

[Read How To Do a Tricep Dip here for hints and tricks!]

Rest 45 seconds.

That’s it! Now realistically, if you must rest between each exercise, do so because I don’t want you to pass out or not be able to finish the workout, especially if you haven’t previously worked out your upper body very much. My recommendation is to use lighter weights if you want to simply tone and define your arms. If you’re trying to get some size, use heavier weight. And by “light weight,” I mean whatever is really heavy by reps 15-20. “Heavy weight” should be very difficult by rep 6 or so.

If you need to get some cardio in, I would suggest to do it today (chest and arms day), on shoulders and back day, and of course the cardio and abs day. That way you’re not missing cardio sessions, and you don’t have to do them on a leg or butt day (trust me, you don’t be able to). I like to start my workout with either a 20-minute HIIT session, or a 40-minute low-intensity session, like jogging, cycling, or uphill walking (rotate HIIT and low-intensity back and forth day to day).


3 Exercises To Perk Up Your Boobs

chest exercises

I have seen so many girls focus so much on getting a nice butt and legs that they forget about their upper body. Don’t be one of those girls. An essential part of beauty is proportion, and to have an amazing lower half with only a decent top half is a shame. Most women don’t need to do a LOT of muscle building in their upper body, but a little definitely goes a long way.

One of the places most neglected by women when workout out is their chest. Doing chest exercises is something I definitely recommend, whether you think your boobs are too big, too small, or just “fine.” If you are trying to tighten up your chest area, these exercises are just what you need. They will burn extra fat, make your boobies perky and firmer, and give you the kind of lift that some people pay a plastic surgeon to do. You don’t need to use very heavy weight for these exercises if you only want to tone. Say you’re like me, and would like to build your chest more (maybe because you don’t have very big “twins”), lift heavier weights with sets of 6-8 to really get some definition. These exercises work your pectoral muscles that sit beneath your boobs, so when they are toned, they lift whatever is sitting on top.

These are very basic exercises that I personally use because they WORK.

  1.  Pushups. Yay!! Everyone loves pushups! (Not) If you can’t do a pushup on your own, start with your knees on the ground and aim for 3 sets of 10. These work wonders to your chest muscles, so DO THEM. You will be happy when you see the results.
  2. Chest press. You can use the chest press machine if your gym has one, and if it doesn’t or if you work out at home, use 5-15lb dumbbells. Simply lie on your back on the floor or on a bench, hold the dumbbells close to your body above your upper chest with fingers facing away from you, and press up. Repeat.
  3. Chest fly. Same for this exercise, use the chest fly machine if your gym has it, otherwise lie on a stability ball, a bench, or the floor and use 5-10lb dumbbells. Start with your arms straight above you and perpendicular to the floor, lower them to each side to form a T, then raise them back up to the starting position.

As you become comfortable with these exercises, start doing them from different angles. The chest press should be done on an incline bench, a decline bench, and also a flat bench to get all the benefits of the exercise. The chest fly can be done with any of these angles as well, and you will get a better workout if you use them all.

You can pair these three chest exercises with arms, back, or shoulders (although I do chest and arms together) or with a HIIT workout.

Good luck!

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