Day 2 With Curvalicious Fitness

Day 2 with Curvalicious Fitness

Well yesterday I followed the workout for day 1 which was legs. It ended up being a great workout, even though it involved a few conspicuous looking exercises that I hate doing in public gyms, but I sucked it up and did it anyway. And I’m glad I did, too, because you never want to hinder your own workout just because you feel weird doing one of the exercises. I ended up doing one of the two circuits she suggested and adding in 4 extra plyo exercises to compensate. Reason being, the gym was crowded and I couldn’t use all the equipment I wanted.

The best thing about Curvalicious has to be the ab warmup at the beginning of the workout! I woke up this morning, my abs were sore in all kinds of places that I never get sore in.

I gotta say, so far so good with this program! Today I do more abs and I’ll probably throw in some cardio if she doesn’t already have something for us.


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